Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family photo

As we walked past our neighbor's barn, on our way to take a family photo, we decided to stop and take a picture. Funny how it's usually the unplanned things that end up working.

We are enjoying fall, even with the abundance of rain we have been experiencing! I think Mical is a bit baffled at the amount of it. The other day she said, "Rain, AGAIN?!" Then later she said, "someday, warm?" I told her "someday" but didn't attempt to explain how far away that day could be!

We are looking forward to meeting some new friends this weekend. They are in the process of adopting their daughter from Uganda! They are at the same place we were last year at this time. Amazing to watch the God journey they are on and prayers that they will be traveling the first of next year to bring her home. Oh, and she's Mical's age =)

Mical's next surgery is scheduled for Nov. 10. We covet prayers for her heart, her spirit, and that the surgeon would do the very best possible for her.