Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Lyric took third in the two mile at her conference meet.
It took me twenty minutes to run two miles recently.
She finished in 13:08.
Not fair.
Cole counts down to baseball games...
He simply can't get enough.
Doesn't he look "manly"?!
Mical and Moses both think playing at the park EVERY day
would be a good idea!
We love you Maddie =)

Cory and Kris, we have more helpers this year...good thing
because grandpa made the garden a lot bigger!
More room for weeds ;-)

I was able to go with Gavin's class to Lansing to wrap up
Michigan history! Lots of fun!
Bring on Summer Vacation!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10K River Bank Run

On May 8, Dan and Lyric ran the 10K together.
Well... they started the race out together anyway!
A certain young lady can run circles around her parents these days.
They both did great, and the younger kids and I only got mild frostbite cheering them on!
Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it was one cold and windy race.
I have Lyric on video running around as a kindergartner saying,
"Someday I'm going to be a runner!"
She wasn't kidding.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Lyric feels it's time to introduce "Puppy" to the world...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1- Gotcha' Day


One year ago we arrived in Uganda and held Mical and Moses for the first time. To say that it has been quite a year in our lives is such an understatement. We are thankful for all the ways the Lord has knit us together as a family of seven. I feel reflective at this one year mark.

I also miss Uganda. I really miss it. While there, we were missing Lyric, Gavin and Cole....and toilet paper...and maybe a few other things. ;-) So, if we were to return, I'd just need to pack ALL the kids....and tp.

We are regularly asked how the kids are doing and how everyone has adjusted. I guess I feel like we've adjusted much like any family who gave birth to twins on any given year. There are added challenges when kids are older, but then I guess there are added challenges with newborn twins too, right?

We are growing. We are all growing. God's not done with us yet.

The laundry pile also grew...and the grocery bill ... ;-)


I had to include a tummy pic.
For those who have followed
Mical in prayer through this past year and three surgeries,
thank you so very much!
What a HAPPY tummy!

This handsome young man has been diagnosed with a
serious condition that should pass by his next birthday.
His family has diagnosed him as having "age TWO syndrome."
It can be terrible, but it's pretty awesome most of the time!
What a character!