Friday, February 5, 2010


I must say.
The nurses at DeVos Children's Hospital are incredible.
What a tiring job and they still take the time to make us feel special.
I'm ready to go home but I'm going to miss some of the nurses we've met during these past three hospital stays.

Mical has some great hospital buddies...

But, we need to return home so Moses can have Mical back. He's asked for her...not me...but her these past few days. Mical will have her little shadow back soon enough =)


  1. Any idea yet when? Praying it will be soon and everyone will be healthy.

  2. We missed seeing the kids at the library today! We've been praying. Let us know if we can help, or just hang out, anytime!

  3. Thanks so much. Would love to hang out when we get out of here Jen! Hoping today...hoping everyday =) Would love to hang out with you guys too, Cory and Kris ;-)
    Thanks for the prayers!