Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Lyric took third in the two mile at her conference meet.
It took me twenty minutes to run two miles recently.
She finished in 13:08.
Not fair.
Cole counts down to baseball games...
He simply can't get enough.
Doesn't he look "manly"?!
Mical and Moses both think playing at the park EVERY day
would be a good idea!
We love you Maddie =)

Cory and Kris, we have more helpers this year...good thing
because grandpa made the garden a lot bigger!
More room for weeds ;-)

I was able to go with Gavin's class to Lansing to wrap up
Michigan history! Lots of fun!
Bring on Summer Vacation!

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  1. Good to see pictures of you guys. Plant that garden!! Shhhhhhh no talk allowed around here about summer vacation.