Thursday, August 5, 2010

camp week

We normally stick to catching butterflies...
But this week, Cole caught a bunny in the garden.
We carefully carried it to a better location.
It's so cute I really don't think I'm that bothered if it wants to eat the garden.

Lyric and Gavin are spending the week at Pine Ridge Bible Camp.
We heart PR.
It's Thursday and I still haven't gotten a letter...

For those of us who didn't go to camp...
We were able to have a reunion of four Welcome Home kiddos!
(Mical, Moses, Nathan and Rebecca were all there together.)
We are so happy their family decided to vacation in MI!
Now we think they should come EVERY summer.
Last week we went blueberry picking.
Moses donated most of his to the ground and to his stomach.

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  1. Hey Moses save some of those blue berries for us. Sounds like you all are enjoying summer. Love, us