Sunday, January 2, 2011

For anyone considering a Sugar Glider...

Our Sugar Glider pets...

I'll share what we've learned since adopting our two this fall from an animal sanctuary...

Ours didn't come with a history like a person would normally get when buying gliders from an owner or breeder. (I'm pretty sure some of our information was not correct.) We were told we adopted two females. However, one seems to be a male based on what we've learned online. I guess time will tell! We were also told ours are 3 years old. So, who knows how much they were handled, etc. The one we think is a male is very friendly. Gavin named him Kiki when we thought he was a female, so we're keeping the name. The female is named Grumpy. You'll hear her in the video. Her name is self explainatory!

The thing they having going for them is their looks. They are super cute. Everything I read supports that the amount of time an owner puts into bonding determines how good of a pet they will be. The tough part of this is that they are active at night, so kind of difficult for young kids to spend much time with them! They love to play in exercise balls like a hamster, so that can be pretty entertaining.

One feature of our Sugar Gliders that I am not fond of is their scent. It is musky and I can't imagine a person keeping them in a main living area! Ours have been banished to the downstairs bathroom... The other feature I'm not finding adorable is the noise in this video...yikes.

They also have a complicated diet, but it's fun to watch them eat!

Oh, and they live a long time, so it looks like we're in for years of "fun."

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