Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our First Easter!

Oh, Death, where is your sting?

Oh, Grave, where is your vic-tor-y...

This song keeps running through my mind today.

I love Easter.

I love Easter traditions...

I love sidewalk chalk... Gavin =)
Thank you Aunt Jill and Uncle Chad for the chalk!
Yea that the sidewalk isn't covered in snow and we can use it!

Ahh, tradition.
Thanks, Mom.

Guess what we're eating this week!

Yup, it's a chocolate bug...

We've been a family of seven for almost two years already, but this is our first Easter all together! Two years ago we met Mical and Moses just after Easter. Last year we were in Florida for my dear friend's wedding, but Moses wasn't with us.

Finally, celebrating Easter together.

At church last night, two people sitting next to me accepted Christ as their Savior!

31 total gave their lives to Christ during that service alone!

Lyric got to walk the "bridge" because she was baptised this past year.

Another church tradition...

Oh, Death...where is your sting...

Oh, Grave...where is your Victory!?

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