Sunday, July 19, 2009

A week of birthdays

This has been a week of birthdays! I managed to get older this week on the 16th and started my day with breakfast made by Lyric! (Chocolate waffles and lots of great are 11 yr olds?!) We then ventured to the park and splashpad. Mical and Moses thought it was pretty fun and we had a good time there until Gavin stepped on a bee. I couldn't figure out why a nine year old would have such an extreme reaction to a tiny sliver until he asked, "Why are their hairs on my sliver?!" After closer examination, I realized this was not any ordinary sliver. Lyric saved the day by making mud and covering the sting. Later that day we celebrated at Mom and Dad Thede's. Mical went on her first "buggy" ride with Grandpa!

Then on the 18th we made our way to McBain to celebrate Mom Bronkema's 60th Birthday! We met with Chad, Jill and baby Grace and Scott and Lucienna at Lakeside Charlies to surprise her. Dad B. had to fake not feeling well in the car to delay mom for a few minutes, but we pulled off the surprise.

Oh, and Moses is a walker as of TODAY! He's been walking all month, but now he's got it and has no need to crawl! My arms rejoice!


  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm...blogging advice? Kris? Anyone? So know we know our pics will be published backwards now but why the gaps in our blog?

  2. Hey. I'm behind on email! We will chat soon. Love the blog. Let me know if you have any questions about how to do it. I'd love to get together in August. Can't wait to see your kids, and I hope all is well with health.
    Jen (spaman) Osterink

  3. Like the photos. You just have to delete and tweak. If you find an faster way-please share. We're finishing up school. Watching an E-bay grammer book for Eli. Glad the birthdays were fun. Love, Us.