Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, only one more year until Lyric is a teen. Then it hit us that we will be living with teenagers for the next 17 years...that should keep things interesting.

Dan and Lyric ran a 5K the day before her birthday. Lyric even out-ran her dad! We had a pretty good cheering section too! Her birthday fell on the weekend of Byron Days so there was lots of entertainment around...which led to a couple of"firsts" for Mical and Moses. After the race, they got to go to their first parade. It didn't take long to figure out how to scramble after candy! That night they got to stay up for their first fireworks display. (We didn't make it to fireworks on the Fourth of July) Moses jumped a couple of times in the beginning but really liked them!

On Lyric's birthday they got to experience their first water balloon fight. Then we celebrated with friends, Grandma and Grandpa Thede and Grandma Bronkema, who surprised Lyric by driving down for the party. Sugar was had by all.

Yesterday I dropped off Lyric and Gavin at Pine Ridge Bible Camp for the week. So until Saturday, I'm back to three kids!

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