Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poor Frog

Gavin came rushing up to me. "Mom, can I feed this frog to the snake?"

Yes, we have a little snake that lives around our house, but I never dreamed he would actually be successful in FINDING it at this exact moment. I assured him it wouldn't be that easy. Two minutes later he came yelling about how the snake was eating it... Never underestimate a boy with a frog.

Dan's reaction, "IT WAS ON OUR DECK?!" He adores snakes the way I adore spiders.

Mical was fascinated with this Praying Mantis. ...and I was happy to have nature not eating other nature... ;-)


  1. hmmmm. boys and frogs...i believe i posted something similar a few weeks ago on my blog! ;o) with the minor exception that our frog was not consumed by a snake. ;o) ..although I'm sure Caleb would have thought it very cool to watch.

  2. Praying Mantis...not a walking stick! whoops!