Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Surgery

Mical's first surgery is scheduled for Sept. 10. It is the first week of school for Lyric, Gavin and Cole, so this is gearing up to be a hectic time! This surgery will revise the colostomy that was done for her as an infant. Her two surgeons will also be forming the plan for the next surgery. We covet prayers for Mical, that the procedure would go smoothly and that she would be able to process this emotionally. For the surgeons, that they would have wisdom as they make plans for her next reconstructive surgery.

We've also recently been blessed through a fund raiser done for our family by the Sea 100 Powerboat Club. The money raised will go toward medical bills and also help us complete our adoption for Mical and Moses here in the States. We sit in awe and constant amazement at the way the Lord has continued to provide. This past week Pastor Jeff preached about facing the lions in our lives. How God conquers though our obedience. Last Feb. when we knew the Lord was leading us to Mical, inspite of our economy, uncertain job futures, unclear medical needs/ was a time of our own personal "lion". Would we make a "safer" choice? But, we knew in our hearts that they were ours. And now we get to hold them every day! It's so beautiful to have a quiet moment to reflect on all the Lord has done for us. And, looking forward to other things that I'm sure we cannot imagine...


  1. Put in on the calendar. We'll be praying for you all. Wish we were there to help. Love, Cory,Kris, Eli and Anna

  2. We're with you in prayer! Miss you guys tremendously and wish we could all go for some pizza together or maybe even hit Flavors for some coffee & tea!