Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Memorial Weekend

So this month, we've been home as a family of seven
for a year.
Our phone service was off for a few days while we switched providers.
Then the internet...for two weeks.
God has a great sense of humor and must have wanted
to remind us we can live without these things.

Silly Mical, Maddie and Paul as we visited Grandpa Warren
and the Veterans home Memorial Weekend.
These pics are late, but I still wanted to post them...

My beautiful cousins, Emily and Rachel,...with a grandpa we all dearly love...
husband of a grandma we all deeply miss.

Mindy came for a visit from GA!

Two Thede men.
Yes, John is quite a manly man!

Rootbeer floats. Enough said.

Ahhh, don't they look good together...I'm not sure who is more comfy...
Grandpa or Jacob?

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  1. Wish we could of joined you. But Lord willing will be there for the holidays!!!