Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yesterday morning I kept hearing this consistent high pitched "chirp" in my house. I could not figure out where it was coming from! I was literally unplugging things and finally convinced myself that a toy must be losing it's battery power somewhere in the house. I gave up on it, determined to ignore the sound. After another twenty minutes of this "chirping" sound, I went to make a phone call. As I reached for the phone, this little hummingbird is what my eyes landed on!

She must have flown in while the kids had the door open the night before. (The bird and about 20 flies!!!) I slid the paper under her and relocated her to our hanging basket. I didn't know if she would live because hummingbirds have to eat so often. She kept up her "call" from the basket and several times in the next hour I saw her little male friend buzzing around our house. The story has a happy ending because after some sugar water and some time, she took off.

PS...we have one LAZY cat. Lucky for the hummingbird.

You can see her drinking from the dropper in this video! It was pretty cool.

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  1. what a good birdy rescuer you are! yay!

    we rescued a blue jay once that our cat did not kill all the way. we nursed him back to health with some peanut and bird seed gruel fed from a syringe and after a few weeks he flew away. sad and exciting all at the same time.