Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October, where did you go?

I do believe, I entirely missed the month of October on here!
So, going back to October 1, for a second...
Dan's birthday!
We were able to spend the day at Art Prize in Grand Rapids for a
"daytime" date.
A real date.
This was outside on the deck of the B.O.B. for lunch....got hot in the sun...that is really saying something for Michigan in October!
Drum Roll Please...
They're Back!!!
On Oct. 5, Cory, Kris, Eli & Anna got to Michigan from being in Haiti for the past 16 months!
We get to keep them for Christmas, and everything!

We celebrated Eli's 13th birthday the first weekend they were back.
Gavin was pulling Moses behind the tractor.
Not an easy job...nice brother.

Happy Birthday to our (tall) nephew!!!
Two teens in the family now!


  1. Yeah we do get to be here for the holidays!!! Anna's watching for that snow.