Sunday, August 2, 2009


Last night we went to our first Whitecaps baseball game as a family of seven. As you can see, we got drenched with rain! The kids were total troopers...that could not have had anything to do with the "dippin' dots" or other crazy snacks we consumed..thanks to Johnson Controls!

We were inspired to stay becasue they had fireworks after the game... that Moses slept through. It was "Star Wars" night so there were lots of characters around the stadium to have photos taken with. Our kids were more into the snacks...

Yesterday was also the day we got Lyric and Gavin home from Pine Ride Bible Camp. They both loved their week. Last night Gavin said it felt good in his own bed, but that he missed his bunk at camp. I remember that feeling. All week Mical kept asking "Lyric? Gavin?" I told her they would be, "home soon!"...but how do you explain camp??? She was not with me when I dropped them off so it was pretty impossible. She's glad to have them home! Moses is glad to have Gavin here too. He loves on his little sister and brother like crazy and it going to be the best dad ever someday.
Cole is into our garden like his Uncle Cory would be. Tomorrow I need to post a photo of it so they can see how their work has "blossomed"...they planted our garden for us while we were in Uganda. Thank you!!! We've been surprised by 2 turnips noone knew were planted. Cory??? And a huge pumpkin plant. Maybe from one we threw in the garden last fall?

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  1. Cory isn't taking responsibility for the trunips. We have had them in the garden here already. Will be watching for the garden photos. Lyric needs to come and collect roaches. Anna found 4 bodies in her room and Cory just got one [thanks to the cat who found it in our closet.] Have a great weekend. Love us.