Monday, August 3, 2009

2 months!

Yeah baby! We're off that plane!!!

Feeling reflective today as I think about how two months ago today we were flying home with Mical and Moses. Cory and Kris recently sent us photos taken at the airport, so I had to include a couple in this post.

My parents were so awesome to rent us a 12 passenger van so we could all be together on our drive home from O'Hare. Mom Thede, Cory, Kris, Eli and Anna all made the long drive and welcomed us home.

I wish I could bottle the feeling from that night. There is nothing like it.


  1. That feeling is awesome!!! Great pics.

  2. I was videotaping as we came around the corner after we got off our flight, we could hear this roar of people cheering...we rounded the corner and realized it was our family and friends!!! Someone had told them our daughter was a cutie patootie, and everyone went nuts. (: Steve & I talk about that was one of those moments you want to have last forever. So glad you guys started a blog, it's fun to see what your beautiful family is up to. Blessings! Karin--one of Dan's co-workers

  3. Hi Dan and Lori,
    Love your blog!! I can't believe it has been already two months! Wow time sure is flying fast. You have a beautiful family! :)