Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Garden Elves

While we were in Uganda, some garden elves came and planted for us. This post is to show them the finished product. Now, to Cory Thede this may appear a garden in need of weeding and mulch, but to the Bronkema clan, it is beauty =)

The pumpkin plant was a surprise. It came up in the middle of the bean row so I'm guessing it is the result of a pumpkin we threw in the garden last fall? Oh well, bring on October! As you can see, we are ready!

Somewhere....a tomato worm is mocking me. I look for it daily, thinking eventually it will show itself. So far, it is winning.

The row of carrots has been doing great. Penelope and Snowflake want to say a special Thank You, as they have been benefiting from this row!

Thank you Cory, Kris, Eli and Anna for planting our garden and to Grandma and Grandpa for expanding it!

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