Friday, December 4, 2009

6 months day!

It just struck me today that we've been home as a family of seven for 6 months today. Thank you Jesus. So, I had to post a picture of our day. The older boys went off to school crazy excited about all the new snow. Lyric headed off to school disappointed everyone in GR got school cancelled! Mical woke up and couldn't believe her eyes. "Mommy! Mommy! It's ON the trees!"
After heading out to play (I'd forgotten how long it takes to get little ones ready!), Moses landed face first in the snow. He didn't even cry. M&M both lasted longer in the cold than I did!
I guess this means I've posted things for three days in a row...another first!
SNOW ANGEL...check!


  1. YEAH for 6 months!! Congratulations on the three days in a row. Now your goal needs to be be to do this once a week for a month, then two, then....

  2. We hear ya about the kids' reaction to snow.

    (I kinda wish they didn't like it :)

    Look forward to getting to see you!