Thursday, December 3, 2009


First Thanksgiving with the Kaechele side of the family! There were lots of kids to play with. It was great to see so many cousins and relatives who we don't get to see very often.

We ate during what should have been naptime for Moses. He didn't eat much of his "feast." This photo captures his mood perfectly.

My cousin, Kelly, with two of her cuties. Number four due to arrive this spring =)

First snow...just enough to cover the ground, but enough for making snowballs! Dan and Lyric were out braving "black Friday."


  1. Bummer if this means that next year you will not be at the Kaechele side. I don't think you were there the last time we made it either! So sad for us. Again photos I don't know if Anna will be happy to see. She wants a white Christmas so badly. I keep telling her she can't start praying now and to remember she doesn't want a major storm that would keep us home. Thanks for the pictures. Love,us

  2. Oh, no Kris...tell Anna we can't wait to build snowmen with her next winter!!! We will be here on Christmas Day next year...does that count?
    ;-) We've got to get you guys on the "cousin rotation" for Thanksgivings after this. I guess we're all there on the odd years now that I think about it.

    No storms either, Anna! Save those prayers for next year! Consider yourself hit by a snowball!