Thursday, December 17, 2009

forts and cookies...

Snow days...three in a row, two weeks ago.

We liked it.

This is the same field, across the road, that kept Cole busy for hours this summer picking blackberries. There was a bunch of brush cleared and now that pile of sticks has transformed into the neighborhood "fort."

We made Christamas cookies.

Mical is really good with dough. I think she had practice before our time together. She has some skilled hands rolling it out!

We made a double batch and they are long gone. Boy can this fam down the cookies!

Christmas parties at school today and then break time! Yea!

We had Christmas with my parents on Sunday. Now they are down with Tim, Mindy and John in GA. So...Mical and Moses got to experience GIFTS. It is safe to say they approve.

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  1. OK as I still had mine doing school today I don't think I'll tell them you guys already open gifts. Tomorrow we'll do some cookie baking. Next year we should do a big get together and make cookies!!!